Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mimmo Paladino - Montagna di Sale

Hi everyone and welcome back!

After few months of study full immersion I finally degree!

So, as you can see I made some layout changes in the blog... whiat do you think? Do you prefer this version? It seems to me that this new one is more clear and “professional” ;).

As new post today I will introduce you Mimmo Paladino “Montagna di Sale ” (Salt Mountain) a monumental installation that will stand opposite to Palazzo Reale in Milan from 7 April until 26 June. It is 10 metres height and 35 metres in diameter. A huge mountain made of salt consolidated with resin from which big black horses seem to sink. The installation has been recreated for the 150 anniversary of Italian Unity after 20 years from its first reproduction in Gibellina (Municipality of Sicily) and after 15 years from its second reproduction in Naples.

This work evokes conflicts, battles and ghosts that waft in the ruins of a far past. It touches themes such as sacrifice, pain, loneliness, absence and death. The salt mountain symbolise the willing to stand out, to improve the life through high ideals, to abandon everyday life for fighting against impositions. At the same time the salt represents the fragility and the instability, to remember that tragedies are always just behind us despite great ideals!

Mimmo Paladino’s installation evokes metaphysics art for the lack of space borders and for the absence of time, the figures seem petrified and while looking at it you have the feeling to observe a De Chirico’s painting.

So, if you are in Milan you should go and see it! It’s really impressive.

Finally, I think to write only in English, is there anyone who prefers me to translate also in Italian? Let me know. :-)

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