Friday, 22 April 2011

Sarah Frost - Arsenal

Hi everyone, today first interview of new season of the blog! With Sarah Frost, related to her installation shown at the PPOW gallery in New York, April 14-May 14:

- Can you tell us something about yourself?
I started out as a painter and now work in sculpture and installation. I'm interested in cast-off objects that show their history and evidence of use. I want to explore what these objects say about their users as individuals and part of a culture.

- Can you explain us the concept behind the work "Arsenal"?
I recently discovered and focused my attention on a community of boys who self-publish instructional YouTube videos for making paper guns. Learning this craft, I have amassed a comprehensive arsenal - from handguns to elaborate Halo-inspired assault rifles - to create a monumental installation. In its variety of form and configuration, including suspended objects, floor works, ammunition piles and other accessories, Arsenal reveals the intensity of the boys’ pursuit, my curiosity about it and my obsessive fascination with object-making.

- How do you create this?
I found forms in this Youtube community and re-created them, using paper, tape and glue; the forms are suspended from the ceiling using monofilament.

- What is for you the role of Art in our society?
That is a big question! "Our society" is not a singular thing by any means. I do think art finds itself in many roles - to inspire, to console, to make us feel, to make us feel part of something greater or to make us think are a few.

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