Monday, 6 June 2011

Jan Postma - The perfect shot is hidden in common things

Hello! Hope everyone is fine ;)!
Today, we meet a talented photographer, who is particular good in catching everyday moments and situations through his camera and useing them to tell about beauty of what surronds us.


- Can you tell us something about yourself?
I'm a 26 year old political scientist and journalist living in Rotterdam. I shoot photographs, sometimes for money, but usually because what I encounter begs to b photographed.

- How do you create your works?
Mostly I carry a camera around as often as possible. At other times I use a huge 4x5 large format camera to shoot portraits.

- What would you like to communicate through your works to the spectator?
A sense of living and the beauty of the ordinary

- What is, today, the role of photography for you?
The act itself is distraction from obligatory things in life. What my photographs are, these days, I'm not really sure about. I haven't got any funds to develop film and have it scanned/printed. My back catalogue stretches back to last summer. I hope see all the photo's I took since then next autumn.

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All the images posted here are Jan Postma’s works.

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