Thursday, 16 June 2011

Jan von Holleben - Dreams come true with Photography

Ok, well, I admit it, I have a great passion for photography!
So, here it is my new interview with Jan von Holleben!
I notice him at once, I find the idea behind Dreams of Flying series so simple, but effective!
Hope you like his works too!

- Can you tell us something curious about yourself?
I love photographing.
I love my friends.
I love apples and muesli.
I love telling stories.
I love being Punk.
I love being Cowboy, Tarzan or an Astronaut.
I love building complex constructs.
I love chasing dragons and fireflies.
I love history.
I love dancing.
I love improvising.
I love wood.
I love blue, red and any shade of orange
I love the limits of photography.
I love the complexity of the mind.
I love fast and crisp rhythms.
I love being straight forward.
I love being vulnerable.
I love exploding.
I love the future.
I love the magic.
I love loving you.
I love photography.

- Your images about people laying on the ground who are acting to different stuff are become very famous, how is this idea born?
I wanted a kid to ride on a dog for a picture. We tried so many different ways but essentially came to teh idea, that putting the dog with the cild on the street and shoot from above was the most successful idea!

- What is a good shot for you?
A picture that makes me think, wonder and happy!

- What camera do you use?
For every project another one. I have a set of 4-5 which I use regularly but also some others.

- What is your next project about?
Learning tricks like: becoming invisible and saving the world! Easy! :-)

For further information see also  
All the images posted here are Jan von Holleben’s works from the series dreams of flying.

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