Monday, 9 May 2011

Bridget Riley - Let's be hypnotize

Hi everyone!
It’s impossible not to remain hypnotize staring at the geometrical patterns created by the colours, rhythms, textures mix. The work seems to move and go out from the painting!

I’m talking about the so called Optical Art and in particular, of Bridget Riley, one of its main figures, to whom the National Gallery in London dedicate an exhibition open until the 22 of May. Optical Art or Op Art was born in the Sixties and due to the graphics repetition it has always been considered more a decoration form rather than an artistic movement. Actually Op Art, as any other artistic movement, is based on pre- determinate concepts. The idea beyond the Op Art paintings is to enabling the spectator to elaborate the geometric figures inside his/her brain. In this way, our mind becomes the author of the painting movement and of its three-dimensional development.

Today, that the Art is getting more and more mix with technological devices and scientific studies, Op Art perfectly inserts itself and shows us how it has been able to predate time.

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