Thursday, 26 May 2011

Esther Mathis - Photography beyond the thick fog

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Today interview is with a young photographer from Switzerland, now based in Milan. Enjoy it!


- Can you tell us something about yourself? When did you discover your passion for photography?
When I was 15 years old,I got my first analog reflex camera. And so I started taking pictures, without thinking that it could be a real job. But then many random factors led me to never leave photography, and it has become one of the only constant things in my life.

- How do you create your works?
I always shoot in analog, mostly in medium format, only the underwater photos were taken with a disposable film camera. Then I scan the slides and create the image I had in my mind. In some cases, there is post-production because my photographs cannot exist in reality, for example the thick, thick fog that envelops everything ... but generally I don’t re-touch that much. I just do the things I would in a darkroom if I were printing in black-and-white.”

- What are your main sources of inspirations?
My inspirations come primarily from situations and experiences I see; we are a generation waiting to live our lives. We have tremendous expectations, especially because, in theory, everything is possible for us. But it is just as easy to slip out of the system and get lost, if you don’t know what you want.
Anything is possible and so many people don’t know how to handle the responsibility they have towards themselves. The risk of drowning arrives without notice and only we can decide.
Photography is a way to see the world. But it becomes so only when we look at it. And the same thing happens to me with a picture, video or installation. For me they are windows that open other windows inside me. And make me live a moment with the person who lookes it.

- What are your favourite artists? Why?
Antony Gourmley
Hiroshi Sugimoto – Seascapes

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All the images posted here are Esther Mathis’ works.

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