Monday, 30 May 2011

Ione Rucquoi - Art to get emotional response

Hi, everyone!
Today artist is Ione Rucquoi. I think you have heard about him, since he has been recently quoted in some photograph and art magazine!
So, here it is the interview for "Who Speaks for Art?" :-)

- Can you tell us something about yourself?
I have the most amazing view from my bedroom window. I collect hats, china, and curios from actions, markets and junk shops. I am fascinated by the inner workings of living things and I have a very energetic 2 year old daughter called Birdie.

- How do you create your works?
I get inspiration from everything around me; relationships, new friendships, coversations, emotions, sometimes from a film or book or other images or a random item I might find. I tend to build an image in layers in my head, I think about the emotional response, what i'm saying, and how i need to say it. The materials I choose all have a story or meaning (sometimes very personal, sometimes universal). The model, the making of props and prothesis are all elements of what bring an image to being.

- What would you like to communicate through your works to the spectator?
I want to communicate emotion through the physical, the experience and emotional response of the viewer is very important to me.

- What is, today, the role of Photography for you?
I'm not really sure how I feel about photography today. I certainly don't see my self as a photographer. I tend to use photography as another tool to get me the result I want.

For further information see also
All the images posted here are Ione Rucquoi’s works.

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